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  • Sandy Kuan

The New Age of Worship

Archival print on Hahnemuhle matte paper, 12" x 18", 2014.

Despite new ideas of what is art, our fascination with the physical object remains ever so present. The physical object is ours to examine; we marvel at the materiality of it and the meaning that it stands for. In this photograph, taken in the summer of 2014 of Kara Walker's installation, "A Subtlety", at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, notice interestingly that the way we worship physical objects remain the same, except with the added presence of new technology. Also fascinating, notice the three-dimensionality of the sculptures versus the two-dimensionality of their reflections co-existing in the same space.

Myers Art Prizes 2014, Teachers College, Columbia University.

#blackandwhitephotography #photography #hahnemuhle #mattepaper #karawalker #columbiauniversity #teacherscollege

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